America is Relocating All of Its Farmers to Mars in An Effort to Combat Climate Change

Now, a group of scientists, including former NASA astronaut and now professor of planetary sciences at the US National Space Academy, are warning in a new paper that the process could harm not only the agricultural land that grows crops like corn, soy and sugar cane with corn producing its “largest carbon footprint” — as the US government considers the impact — but also the climate.

US Government Launching Space Mirrors to Stop “Catastrophic” Climate Change

The Federal Government is launching satellites and satellites mirrors to deflect solar winds, a move that could avert catastrophic climate change. The Government has taken a giant step forward in the development of large-area broadband networks, and is backing space-based project Astra Sky to create a new space based solar power satellite that is expected to provide electricity to all parts of the world around 2030.

Microsoft Announces New Product: Vernier

Microsoft announced a new product today, vernier, to replace its old vernier-sensor-gadget, the vernier-sensor-sensor. A vernier-sensor-sensor, or sensor, is a tiny sensor that sits between the camera and the lens, and listens for what people’re saying with the microphone, and then sends out the audio to your display, or to another phone or device.