Florida Man Escapes Arrest Naked On Motorcycle


Photo by Van Mendoza on Unsplash

Troy Police Dept. Deputy Police Chief Ed Wight said they received a call on June 5 at approximately 7:40 a.m. from deputies at a residence near East Central and Hudson roads regarding a call of a naked, agitated man.

Upon arrival at the home, Wight said the victim told detectives he was visiting his grandmother.

When deputies entered the home and started to move the naked man into the yard, Wight said the naked man got off his motorcycle, walked to his lawn and attempted to ride away on his motorcycle without any restraints.

Deputies tried to talk the man down from the motorcycle, but the man kept driving forward, ignoring their commands. One deputy tried to drive off in his own vehicle, but the man tried to push it off the road and struck it.

Deputies tried to pull the man off the motorcycle, but his motorcycle kept moving forward. One deputy tried to pull over the motorcycle so he could get a better look of it, but the man drove forward again.

After another deputy drove up behind the motorcycle, the man crashed the motorcycle in a nearby yard. One deputy tried to stop the motorcycle by pulling out his firearm, but the man drove the motorcycle into the center fence and continued driving with officers nearby.

The man sped to a nearby residence and tried to get on a bike behind the residence, but he became unresponsive.

After some efforts, the man was able to walk to an ambulance, which drove him to the hospital when the ambulance crew couldn’t find him.

Wight said the male suspect was also known to have an anger management problem and was admitted to the hospital on June 5 before he was released.

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