Kombucha, a deadly concoction of Bacteria?

cell culture to imply kombucha

I like the bacteria on my christian lips. *lip smack* and the puke on my hands after drinking a bottle of water.

This is a common myth that has been circulating for a long time. The truth is that it isn’t bacteria. You don’t need to worry about these organisms; the actual virus that causes colds and flu are usually killed off in the body by the natural immune system.

For a long time there were numerous suggestions for what to do if you were concerned about the effects of drinking a lot of water on your body. The most popular remedy was to take a cold sore medication such as Tamiflu (a flu medicine) or Dapsone. There are other medicines out there that are effective at alleviating the symptoms of a cold.

However, as I mentioned earlier, these medications aren’t very effective if you’re already ill. Dapsone hasn’t quite worked for me yet and I do not think that Tamiflu will be effective against colds either.

What Are the Common Symptoms of the Common Cold?

It’s extremely important to know how to recognize cold symptoms. If you feel some discomfort when you feel a cold sore it means that you’re probably getting a cold. If you don’t get a cold at all, chances are, you’re healthy. You may also have been taking antibiotics.

The symptoms aren’t all that common for many people who are healthy. If you do feel some discomfort you’re most likely to know what it is. If you can identify them, you should get some medical care, it could be cold sore meds or it could be something else that the doctor will want to determine.

Here are a couple of common cold symptoms:


Swelling, Pain, and Skin rash (if you have one)

Redness and itchyness around the eyes, nose, throat and on your lips

Redness and itchyness around and on your hands

Feeling tired with no energy as a result of a cold

Sinus infection or cold chills

The Common cold isn’t the only disease that causes these symptoms. There are also other less frequent colds that could cause these symptoms.

A Few Common Infections That Can Cause Cold Sores:

This link is about common colds.

The following is more detailed.

The common cold can be a difficult disease to diagnose if you don’t have symptoms. There are a few types of viruses that can cause the common cold

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