What Do You Do If You Hate Your Job?


‘Why are you here?’ ‘What’s your deal?’ – is a topic that comes up a lot.

But it’s not about being a critic or a criticising person, it’s about not giving in to the negativity you hear, for fear that you’ll get sacked. “This is a negative environment, so you need to work out how to get out,” says the man who knows this first-hand because he’s had his share of job interviews that were so negative he wrote a book called Your Money or your Life. It’s called Money Or Your Life: Stop being a Negative Monster and Find the Best Job for You and That’s What I Do. He says this happens to many people who seek career advice or self-help books, “but they don’t get the right advice.”

He also says there are some very helpful ways to deal with employers when you hate your job.

If you hate your job and you think you’ve got no other recourse than to fire anybody, read on.

Be honest and forthright

While the advice might not fit in your usual job interview questions, it’s a great idea to include it because you might be surprised by how many people think you’ve got to lie so they think you know what you are talking about. “I’ve had clients who were on the same level as me who were told by their employer that they should say something nasty in order to get better jobs, but that wasn’t the case at all,” says the guy who has written a book called Why We Don’t Sell, Sell, Sell which explains why he thinks people are not actually looking for what the world wants for the right kind of job.

“They expect ‘that’s what the marketing guys tell us, but that’s not what the market says, but that’s what the advertising guys say’,” and you need to be honest about that. “You’re going to get jobs you aren’t entitled to by telling people you aren’t good enough or that it’s too late for you.” This might not be the perfect answer for your boss or for anyone else. “But it is a strategy for some people that might save them a job they didn’t want to accept.”

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