Teen Loses Eyesight After Eating Poorly His Entire Life


The following is a compilation of items that made headlines in the world of fitness and diet in 2015. The list will continue to be updated as new information comes in.

It’s not even January yet, and things are already heating up with the launch of the latest batch of diet and fitness fads. As the fads start to take off, fitness gurus and health coaches have been quick and to the point in their comments to tell us what is, and what is not, worth our time, resources, and money.

Here they are:

1. No One Likes Fat

This is probably the most popular fitness fad of the year, but it seems this one has yet to be fully embraced by many people. One reader on Reddit put it well when he stated:

I really hate fat and I am not ashamed that I hate fat. What I am ashamed of is people looking down on me and saying that they hate fat people. What is shameful is people saying that they want to be fat so they can’t become fat and fat people are ashamed that they are fat and they’re ashamed of their body.

It took one of the most prominent fitness gurus and a former professional athlete to bring the subject to the limelight, but after the author came out and stated publicly that he is ashamed of his body and believes that people should lose weight, it seems that society is taking notice.

2. Not Eating Sugar

Not eating sugar is something that many people have been saying for years. And, though it is nothing new, it seems many are starting to believe it now and are jumping with both feet, from the most expensive health foods store, to fitness spas, to even restaurants. The author of the post above, however, is not buying it.

He wrote “not eating sugar is a good thing. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat more fish and fish oil.” This is what I’m talking about, folks! Fish is good for us! More fish=more of us. And fish oil, the best fat source out there? Go nuts about it.

3. Paleo / Low Carb Diet

It has all the makings of a fad, but it is a fad that has never really caught on, not even in fitness circles. In fact, to date, many of the articles about Paleo dieting have been published on websites that target younger readers.

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