Catholic Schools are Removing Harry Potter Books from Their Libraries Due to Religious Objections


Schools have been told to remove the books from their collection due to objections from parents and children.

The decision follows complaints from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Jehovahs Witnesses state that the books are offensive.

A spokeswoman told the BBC: “We believe the books promote a lifestyle that is contrary to the Christian teaching,” BBC news website reports.

“We have no objection to being given copies for the pupils to read. The issue is that those students who take books apart and then put them back together again are using our public schools for that purpose of reading.

“Those who read the books then put them back together again in their own ways, are using our buildings for that purpose of reading. Any person who violates the law by doing that is breaking our by-laws.

“It’s very clear that people are offended by what the material means.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses say the books promote a lifestyle that is contrary to the Christian teaching

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have complained to education chiefs about the books, saying they are not Christian and the Catholic Church has objected with religious concerns.

The Church has claimed that some of the books contain “gross and harmful material”, but some have been rewritten to make them more palatable.

The spokesman, who declined to be named, said an education review would have to take place before Harry Potter became an issue again.

In 2003, a Scottish school asked to change the name of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book series because some youngsters claimed they didn’t understand what was being said in the books.

The church had told the family not to bring the books to their daughter’s school, believing they would cause problems, according to documents obtained by the BBC in 2004.

One parent who spoke to the BBC said the school had to choose between keeping the books in the library or “being open to allegations about what children are learning in the literature lessons”.

The books’ popularity has made them a popular target for parents.

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