cell culture to imply kombucha

Kombucha, a deadly concoction of Bacteria?

I like the bacteria on my christian lips. *lip smack* and the puke on my hands after drinking a bottle of water.This is a common myth that has been circulating for a long time. The truth is that it isn’t bacteria. You don’t need to worry about these organisms; the actual virus that causes colds and flu are usually killed off in the body by the natural immune system.For a long time there were numerous suggestions for what to do if you were concerned about the effects of drinking a lot of water on your body. The most popular remedy was to take a cold sore medication such as Tamiflu (a flu medicine) or Dapsone.

Florida Man Becomes Billionaire After Taking Huge Stake In A Florida Company

A Florida man has invested a vast fortune in the Florida-based technology company he launched almost 30 years ago. Charles “Chuck” Coates announced in September that he bought a small stake in Olin Corp., a company with roughly a billion dollars worth of assets. Olin had been the focus of an antitrust lawsuit for nearly 25 years, after its then president, Richard J. White, was accused by a judge of conspiring to use Olin to sell shares to investors to fund White’s own legal and political pursuits. The suits were later dropped. Mr. Coates didn’t immediately give a specific value for his investment, but he said in a statement last week that he’s still “actively engaged” in Olin.

Millenials Are Retiring Early After This One New Trick

“This generation is just getting off from college and getting into jobs, and they have the flexibility,” said Paul Rieckhoff, a senior economist at the Urban Institute, a Washington research nonprofit. “As many of the baby boomers have already paid off their college debt, the burden of paying off their student loans and college loans that will follow is much higher than the boomers had to take.”

Are Millenials Causing a Recession?

No, Millennials don’t just have wealth. The Pew Research Center shows that the richest 30% have as much wealth as the bottom 90% combined—which is almost nothing when you consider that people are earning less than their parents did when they were in middle and high school (remember, wealth can be generated while you’re a kid, and even later in life ).

Teen Loses Eyesight After Eating Poorly His Entire Life

Not eating sugar is something that many people have been saying for years. And, though it is nothing new, it seems many are starting to believe it now and are jumping with both feet, from the most expensive health foods store, to fitness spas, to even restaurants. The author of the post above, however, is not buying it.