Andrew Luck Retires After Finding Out He’s Not Eligible For The Hall Of Fame

More than a year after drafting Luck, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the week after he hangs up his cleats, the Colts are ready to start looking ahead.

“There have been a number of good players to come along, and there are great players to come along now,” Colts general manager Ryan Grigson told Tom Pelissero. “Our strategy remains the same. We will be aggressively pursuing them.”

Slim Jims Become Gas Stations’ Best Selling Product

Slim Jims become gas stations’ best selling product after a new law passed by the Michigan legislatures.

According to Michigan House News Service, during the last legislative session of the last two years, the Legislature passed two bills that made the sale of Slim Jims a legal purchase in the state.

Latest Tetris Game Features New Modes

Latest Tetris game features new modes such as Double Mode which is a new game mode that pits two people against each other. This new mode allows you to switch between two people with different colors, making it easier than ever to compete or get a new high score.

Kanye West’s New Album May Have Leaked Online

A Redditor posted a video of Yeezy’s new music video, which appears to show a member of the R&B duo One Direction wearing white socks over white clothes. The image has since been edited to remove the socks, but the image shows the video is in fact from the “I Am a God” song.