Local Man Recreates Titanic in Mario Video Game, Internet Goes Wild.


Editor Note: Level Code is BWM-42C-RNF

A man in a homemade flying bicycle and giant rubber chicken costume rode into downtown Orlando Thursday and began walking slowly around the city.

The man wore a white lab coat, green cargo shorts and a cowboy hat.

Police responded about 6:20 PM and ordered him to stop, and he turned around.

According to police, his appearance was “kinda off,” but officers are “not trying to get into somebody’s personal stuff” and didn’t want to speculate on what the “person of interest” may own.

“We just want to see him brought into a safe place, because the more information we have, the better,” Ireton said. “We’re in a very interesting place right now.”

In some photos posted on social media, the man appears to be on his knees or bent over during his stroll around town.

“Everyone knows it’s not fun to see someone doing that,” Ireton said. “But it’s important to know someone’s personal stuff is not where it’s supposed to be.”

He was taken away in handcuffs.

He then created the level in Super Mario Maker blindfolded, and used the item, a copy of the level, to create a level with the required items. The level is called “The Titanic”, and Mario starts off in his shell and is eventually forced to look at his reflection.

Later in the level, the player is able to select the desired colour from a list of four, as well as a number of other items. The colour chosen can be changed by switching the corresponding button of the Switch controller on and off. The number of items can be changed by setting “1+” to a number from 1 to 5, and “0+” to a number from 0 to 9 (the number of the number of items which is not in combination with the number “0+”). Some of the items that were available at the beginning can still be found afterwards, such as a Super Mushroom and a Star (for when Mario is holding a Star when he is looking at his reflection).

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