Pumpkin and Avocado Flavored Foods Banned in New Zealand


A New Zealand company has created the world’s first avocado and pumpkin-flavored product. It’s so good, it’s been banned.

Pumpkin and avocados have come a long way. At the start of the 20th century the avocado industry in the U.S. was primarily small-scale and seasonal growing. Now there’s an avocado crop around the globe. And in the UK avocado prices have dropped to their lowest level in years, which has helped drive up demand for the foodstuffs grown from them.

“The most common thing we see consumers doing is using the peel of the avocado to create a variety of foods with skin,” says Sarah Witheridge, head of marketing for Whole Foods Market and the parent company of Fresh Market, the chain of grocery stores that own 100 percent of the avocados in the U.S.

Avicadoes have an earthy flavor — the pulp inside the fruit has a bit of the flavor of tomato — but have little to no nutritional value, according to the company that owns them. So, what is avocados like for people who want to eat them as “cheese”?

An Avocado is a Banana on a Stick

For some, the avocado is “cheesecake with no cheese” — but for others it’s not that. The real trick for making a good avocado comes when it’s blended with a protein of your choice.

The avocado has long been used to make baked goods. In New Zealand, it’s often roasted instead of fried.

So how do you get the protein in a piece of avocado without adding anything to your food. And how can you make a protein that’s so low in fat and so high in fiber?

You need a protein.

A key ingredient in avocadoes is the banana. Banana’s high fiber content — and the fact it’s a tropical fruit — means you can get the most out of it even though it’s high in sugar.

Another protein you want to get out of a piece of avocado is a protein called chia seeds. Chia seeds contain a substance called glucosamine, which has been shown to improve muscle strength. In other words, you can get lots of the stuff out of an avocado!

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