Millenials Are Eating Nothing but Avocado Toast and Ruining The Economy By Doing It


The economic crash of 2008-09 caused thousands of families to lose their homes for a decade or to leave the country permanently. There is an enormous amount of hatred on social media for those who have been ‘forced into poverty’ by the new generation, and the young are the ones demanding their rights.

The truth is that the government has nothing to do with the new generation of people who are being fed up and are making it very clear the future is in their hands. The new generation wants a future free by choice – they know that a lot of the changes they want will require revolution, so that they can take back their future. To them, the government is just an institution that has been allowed to grow and grow unchecked. They have found a voice which the mainstream media has failed to cover. The problem is that many of these young people have a lot of influence, both at home and abroad, and so the mainstream media is simply not willing to give them a platform with which to express their views and share their messages.

It is true that some of the media outlets have refused to use ‘their’ voices, such as The Independent. And, yes, there are a lot of people who are still holding back. If the mainstream media were to give the new generation more airtime they would find new ways of pushing their ideas and it would be refreshing to have their voices heard across the world. But they’re not. Now, a couple of years further down the line, the mainstream media will have had 10 years to reach out to a new generation of people with their own ideas and solutions. So, the media will be facing the same challenge again, and you can be sure they will use the same tactics. The mainstream media are also the people that have been doing the most ‘tweets’ about the ‘new millennials’.

In an age of social media, all we are left with are the same old memes and memes about ‘the millennials’. It is all just the same old stuff that we’ve seen for the last 10 years. If we want to speak to young people with new ideas then we need to be looking at the future. A new generation of ideas – which I think is what we need – is a great thing because it will help spark some change in the future. In fact, I would say that the ‘old millennials’ have always been there, pushing for a revolution in an age dominated the media agenda, and it is up to the media to find a way for them to be heard again.

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