Kanye West’s New Album May Have Leaked Online


A Redditor posted a video of Yeezy’s new music video, which appears to show a member of the R&B duo One Direction wearing white socks over white clothes. The image has since been edited to remove the socks, but the image shows the video is in fact from the “I Am a God” song.

The video was uploaded to Youtube’s public API yesterday morning, according to the site’s API tracker.

Yeezy’s new album could have been leaked during the recording of the album, but he hasn’t commented on whether it was.

It’s unclear whether the album will release this holiday season. The “I Am a God” video has been viewed more than 20 million times. Kanye says the album will feature a few new songs as well as an unreleased track, and he says all the new music will be released in “early 2016.”

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