Improve Your Life With This One Easy Step!


Well, you see, the reason I am late is because I’m working my ass off!

Skipping the boring things like classes or sports or whatever my parents did, I just tried my best, and I was able to make a smooth transition!

If you’d like to have an even keel like me, go try out this free e-learning course that will guide you through the transition of joining the Marine Corps.

I’m also very lucky to have a wonderful family to help me through all the difficult times in my life; my girlfriend is the sweetest girl on the planet, and we have an awesome dog who will always be there for me!

They don’t even deserve special recognition! They’re just dogs, and we’re all just humans together. I really, really love my little guy.

I was so determined to join the Marine Corps to protect him from being sent to Vietnam? even though I know it’s unlikely I would be alive today if I hadn’t gone through that grueling journey.

And now? I’m lucky to be with my girlfriend, a great person I’ve come to respect. Anyway, I’m excited to share an email I received from the first-born of my daughter? and we’re calling him Baby!

So, if you think you might someday feel the same way you feel about your kid joining the Military? here’s a little help. A big thank you from my parents for letting me do this, and for giving me the confidence to do something like this!

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